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Thanks for your interest in volunteering and serving the community.
We are looking for individual and Group volunteers to serve in ongoing and one time volunteer service opportunities. Except for an occasional special event, Volunteer Opportunities are Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 8am to 4pm and Thursday until 8pm.

Individual Volunteer Application

  • Serve at least twice a month.
  • Greatest Need: Food and Clothing Bank Services & Administrative duties, Food Pick Ups & Deliveries.
  • Serve in the morning and/or afternoon, two to eight hours
  • Internships available in Thrift Store Business Development, Marketing, & Community Food Drives

Individual One Time Volunteer Application

  • Assist with needed daily tasks supporting all programs

Corporate / Business / Civic Group Volunteer Application

  • Program Infrastructure & Equipment
  • Grounds & Landscaping
  • Community Food & Clothing Drives
  • Fundraising & Awareness Events
  • Program Support for Food & Clothing Bank
  • Food Bank

    When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am to 3pm, Thursday 9am to 3pm closed from 12pm-12:30pm for lunch; Any time period or day is needed.
    Volunteers asked to commit to at least one day a month.
    What: Help sort & organize the food donations received. Help clients receive the food items they need.

    Clothing Bank

    When: Thursdays 9am to 2pm. Any time between these hours is available to volunteer.
    Volunteers asked to commit to at least one day a month.
    What: Help sort clothing donations and help clients acquire the clothing items they need.

    Food Donation Pick Ups


    • Fred Myer, Wednesday or Friday, 12:00pm Noon
    • Safeway, Thursday Mornings
    • Mother Earth Farms, May to October, Tuesday business hours
    • Volunteers asked to pick up at least one day a month.

    What:Help or community grocery partners share their food resources to alleviate hunger in the community.

    Administrative Support

    When: Any day and time Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.
    Volunteer asked to serve at least two times a month.
    What: Provide much needed help in organizing and updating files for support staff, plus other office tasks as needed.

    Building & Grounds Maintenance

    When: Any day and time depending on volunteer’s availability. Prefer volunteer serve at least once a month or every other month
    What: Help with general upkeep and light maintenance needs for facility interior, exterior, and surrounding grounds.

    Process for Becoming a One Time or Occasional Volunteer

    We really appreciate your desire to serve the community we us! After you complete the online application, we will contact you about the availability of the volunteer area of service you have chosen.

    Process for Becoming a Recurring Volunteer

    Thank you so much for your desire to serve our community. Because of the nature of serving members of our community that may be vulnerable - minors, seniors, and others who may be disadvantaged or at-risk, our process for approving recurring volunteers is necessary to protect those we serve. We greatly appreciate your understanding.


    • Must enjoy working with an at-risk and disadvantaged population.
    • Must maintain confidentiality and abide by the Eatonville family Agency’s professional standards of conduct.
    • Court ordered community service volunteers are utilized.
    • Criminal Record: Volunteer applicants will not be considered with a conviction/determination of:
      a) child abuse, b) a crime of violence, c) unlawful sexual behavior,
      d) felony act of domestic violence, e) any felony involving physical assault, battery or a drug-related/alcohol offense within the past five years, f) shown a pattern of misdemeanor convictions in the last 10 years defined as three or more convictions of 3rd degree assault of domestic violence and five or more misdemeanor convictions of any type, g) determination to be insane or mentally incompetent, h) any offense in any other state which are substantially similar to the previously listed items.


    • Complete an online application.
    • You’ll be contacted by the EFA staff.
    • The volunteer applicant is welcom to come for a site visit before they commit to serving.
    • Attend a Volunteer Orientation & Training session.
    • If approved to serve as a volunteer, then each volunteer serves a preliminary service period where the staff and the volunteer can decide if the volunteer’s placement should be modified or continued.
    • Individual meal volunteers who serve more than two calendar days in a month are required to obtain an online Food Worker Card. The cost $10.

    Thanks much for doing this!
    Any time a volunteer wishes to modify their volunteer service, please let us know!

    Your care and service is greatly appreciated!!!

    The majority of our funding has been in the form of grants from various government programs, but as the size of the grants shrink in the current economic climate we must rely more heavily on the generosity of private donors. READ MORE...


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